Sliding Gates (Area shutters)

Visual appearance: The smooth surfaces of the aluminium extruded profiles stand out for their special aesthetics in design and coating.

The self-supporting sliding gates are distortion-free welded aluminium profiles, the door construction contains a special downside basic profile with integrated guiding rollers, electrically driven with control and security devices. The doors are filled with rectangular tubes, grill construction or totally closed aluminium sheets. Special filling such as profiled sheets or glazing are available on request.

The basic parts are put together by the door frame, the door filling, the self-supporting construction with the integrated drive and control unit as well as the carrying construction and the opposite side of the door to support the door in closed position.

This aluminium support construction (400 x 600 mm) includes guiding rollers on ball bearings on the top, rain save, PVC covered with lockable service door which contains the drive unit, control unit and possible other control devices.

The function of the door is done in semi or full automatic version. One can open by push-down-button, key-push-down-button, photo cells, induction loop, radar, remote control or magnetic control card systems. The door can be shut by actuating the above mentioned means or an automatic time relay. A combination is possible. In case of power failure the door can easily be moved by hand.

The security devices are self-testing safety contact strips disposed at the main and lateral closing edge, self-testing infrared safety photo cells, safety edges or induction loops.

The above mentioned door can be combined with any other kind of door, slip-doors or automatic close lines.