Gates protect real estate and buildings!

That is the way of how to look profane on the world as well you could do with doors. For an artist this could never be the theme and for one of the most famous contemporary painter in no way.

"Non conformism instead of conformism."
"Ideas fore function"
"Creativity fore Mass production."

Decent styling fore exaggerated promotion of one`s public image or better said: "A timeless good taste" This is the way how describe gates which have never been build this way. Actually the doors look different at each time of the day by the refraction of the light shimmering trough the glazing of the gate. In reality these gates are two-winged by parting swing doors made of coated aluminium. At the inside there is a special glazing with crossing inox cable strings.

All looks like being made out of one "block" starting from the "invisible drive unit" to the integrated functional unit containing the mail box etc. The fully automatic control integrated as well as all extras making "the living with a gate" easier.

Anyway, who in interested in these profane details looking at such a door?