Hangar Doors

Our product line especially includes hangar door constructions which are planned, constructed, produced and installed in various executions. A competent after-sales service is self-evident.

Each hangar door is as unique as the hangar which has to be closed.

Basically we offer four constructive solutions:

  • telescopic sliding door in steel and aluminium version
  • round-the-corner-door/semi-circular moving door in steel and aluminium version
  • folding door in various combinations.
  • There is as well a possibility of combining the telescopic sliding doors and the semi-circular moving doors which again represent individual solutions for our customers.

The telescopic hangar doors are constructed true to the measure of each type of hangar hall. There is no standard but in any way we can find a solution for every conceivable hangar situation. For this reason, our enterprise builds these doors in steel and aluminium from a height of 3,800 mm up to a height of 23,000 mm. As a consequence of this situation, it is impossible to publish a standard description of these doors, so that the pictures have become a more expressive means of explanation.