Messe München / Exhibition Munich

The doors of the New Exhibition in Munich are folding doors of a very special character integrating some extraordinary qualities which are far more than ordinary.

The outside part – i.e. the huge door – with a width of 11.500 mm and a height of 5.000 mm is constructed in an asymmetrical bi -partition of the door wings i.e. 2 door wings folding to one direction and 3 door wings folding to the other side.

In addition the doors are totally self supporting and as a result there is no bottom track as a guidance. This again is important to equip the fair halls with by trucks which are not hindered by tracks criss crossing their way. There is as well no maintenance/cleaning needed.

In the huge doors there a slip doors integrated which control the streams of visitors. Again there is no bottom track in the pedestrian doors or other hindering constructions at the lower side of the doors. So the doors can be used as emergency exits.

The glazing transfers the impression of the unique transparency of the halls which is a part of today`s exhibition concepts.