The Lifting door

NFB lifting doors mostly are used as Doors for Exhibitions, but are applied as well when you are looking for an elegant solution to close the halls.

Beside the well-tried safety and function of the uplift doors the NFB doors have an additional special security element: The counter weight equilibration.

Combination of a self supporting door frame with a counter balance weight, door construction and drive unit.

Door frame
The self supporting steel frame construction takes - without any statical charge given to the facade construction by the door unit - as well the door construction and the security devices. Besides the TUEV and UVV approved emergency stop brake NFB offers a counter balance weight as the primary safety element. Counter weight is combined by means of two main drive and two safety chain elements. Each element gives 8 times security against braking load.

Door construction
The door construction is made by a frame of aluminium and/or steel profiles which are designed to have a design integration of the two winged NA doors with the fanlight. The construction can be totally glazed and can as well be covered according to the facade construction. Lines of windows or profiles as well as smoke release elements or ventilation elements can be integrated.

Drive unit
Easily exchangeable worm gear box drives with braking systems and integrated security clutch coupling and locking device to manoeuvre the door manually in case of power failure. The drive unit done by sprockets and chain wheels/chains and counterweight is integrated in the door frame. The end positions are defined by limit switch devices.

Control units are always as customised as the door. So it is possible to do the well-tried deadman control function as well as SPS control boxes and Bus electrical power supply.