Rolltore, Rollgitter

NB "fuhrrheydt" roller shutters or roller grills are constructed with horizontally joined profiles made of aluminium and galvanised or stainless steel in single or double sheet version.

These doors are coiled on a hollow shaft system by irreversible worm gear drives. The basics are put together by roller shutters with various profiles, the tracks, the drum, the drive system with the stop brake and the control device.

On request these doors are delivered in noise and climate insulated version as well as fire protection doors and bulletproof doors. Windows are available. At the bottom, the doors are sealed with a rubber profile, and at the top with brush sealings.

The manual operation of the door is done by a crank or pull chain, supported by a balancing spring or by the above described electromechanical plug-on or chain wheel drive. The door can be actuated by push-down button, key push-down button or a pulling rope device and others more, such as photo cells, induction loops, radar or remote control as well in combination with a traffic light.

The surface is galvanised, finished with stoved enamel, anodised or special plastic coated. The structure of the surface is smooth. The door can be equipped with a service door that is integrated laterally in a stationary side part.